Please click on the following links to be taken to two companies that may be able to help you with insurance for your Jewellery.

A Guide to obtaining Insurance for your Jewellery.

This website is owned and operated by Diamond Rocks. When we sell new items of jewellery such as engagement rings etc, or indeed supply updated valuations, we are often asked by our customers of how to obtain insurance cover.We can only offer non-specific information, not on an individual basis as the arrangement of any insurance cover needs to be carried out by a company that have the necessary permissions and are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. You can always check if a company is authorised by visiting the Financial Conduct Authority web site and performing a firms search.At the bottom of this page we introduce you to two companies that may be able to assist you with insurance for jewellery. Jewellery tends to be very personal to the individual owner and whilst jewellery insurance can never compensate for loss of sentimental value, it can help overcome the financial burden of obtaining a replacement or a repair. In our opinion, insurance should always be obtained for items of Jewellery as they can be easily lost or stolen and in our experience, even if a ring is not lost in its entirety, over a period of time, settings can work loose and individual stones can be lost with little chance of being found.

We believe you should

Obtain the widest cover you can, generally in the United Kingdom, this is referred to as “All-Risks“ insurance. Whilst it won’t cover you against every eventuality it will provide wider cover than a standard perils insurance policy.
Make sure any policy you purchase covers you both at home and away from your property.
Check if you are covered whilst you go on holiday abroad and on the number of overseas trips you can make in anyone year and the maximum duration of anyone trip.
Check on any special security arrangements your insurers will expect you to have both at your home and away from your home, for example will they want you to have a safe fitted or an alarm or any additional security features such as key operated window locks.
Make sure you always read your policy terms and conditions, in particular any exclusions or warranties which will need to be complied with to make the cover valid.
Check on any excess you have to pay in the event of a claim.
Ask how the claims settlement works; how will your item be replaced and if the insurer will allow you to return to the original supplying jeweller if this is important to you.